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simplify options
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I think we can safely remove some questions:

  • Your default user directory is "/home/valhallasw/src/pywikibot-core" Do you want to use that directory? ([y]es, [N]o)

(assume 'yes', but the path should be mentioned)

  • Do you want to copy user files from an existing Pywikibot installation? ([y]es, [n]o)

(assume 'no', if the user wants to do so, they can do so manually)

  • Create file? Required for running bots. ([y]es, [N]o)

(assume 'yes', because otherwise these questions are useless)

  • Would you like the extended version of, with explanations included? ([y]es, [n]o)

(assume 'yes'; I see no reason not to create the extended version)

  • Create file? Optional and for advanced users. ([y]es, [N]o)

(the entire creation should be removed, and replaced by either an example file or a documentation page)

This reduces the script to three questions:

  1. what family
  2. what lang
  3. what username

We might want to add a note 'You can abort at any time by pressing ctrl-c' in the beginning, as well as a note 'you can re-run this configuration script by running'.

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I'm not sure about, because those are not needed in all cases and except for creating a file this isn't something special (unlike the config which is dynamically).

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@XZise: true, but we don't bundle an example file one could copy easily. I also don't see the damage in just creating it.

IMO it is better to have no user-fixes , than have a file which only has an example in it. could report that no user-fixes exists, and we could have a (maintenance?) script which guides the user through creating a fix and adding it to the relevant file.

here is a fix for that one!

@Parvjain1 it would be better to use gerrit so that the code change can be attributed to you (by git itself).

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Attached file is out of date. @Parvjain1, if you want to resume working on this, please submit the change into Gerrit

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I have accepted this task on the GCI website.

Change 263233 had a related patch set uploaded (by AndyTechGuy):
Simplify options

Your default user directory is "/home/valhallasw/src/pywikibot-core" Do you want to use that directory? ([y]es, [N]o)

(assume 'yes', but the path should be mentioned)

Regarding the current patch, I am worried that this one wasnt clearly specified. base_dir (printed above) is determined by pywikibot. If someone has a in ~/.pywikibot and they wish to create a new in the current directory, they will be told that ~/.pywikibot/ exists. There needs to be a way to alter the directory.

I believe the "assume 'yes'" means that if there is no in base_dir, the script should proceed automatically. If there is a in base_dir, the user should be given an option to change the target directory.

Change 263233 merged by jenkins-bot:
Simplify options