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Add ru:wikisource in
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Please add "{{bigwelcome|%s}}" for ru:wikisource in netext section.

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I dont see wikisource at all in , for any language. Has there been discussion on Wikisource about welcome bots , etc.

A simple patch list this can be added using

We could add 'subst:welcome' as the default for all wikisource ? And bigwelcome as an override for

We would have to ask the community what they want to do. I don't believe that the community finds the tasks too burdensome.

FWIW We don't subst it at enWS, we keep it as an active template.

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As a more general comment about welcoming, and from bots.

  • people do seem to like the personal welcome, I get numbers of newbies

popping past my talk page afterwards, and from established users often a
thanks, especially at Wikisource.

  • stewards have noticed that bot welcomes at problematic account names,

especially with abusive, etc., are a clean-up issue and sometimes quite
messy, so we really recommend a significant delay between join and bot

Are subst: of welcome, can that be switchable? At enWS we no longer

@dima_st_bk, could you ask the Russian Wikisource community if they want welcome bots on their wiki?

@Billinghurst, can have an optional default value for all wikisource sites , and then specific wikitext for each wiki site where that site uses a different syntax for welcoming new users.

if there is no consensus that most wikisource sites want welcome bots, only individual wikisource sites should have a configuration added for only their wiki.

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No consensus recognizable