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different styling for label/alias and description input
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The input fields for labels and aliases are styled differently from the ones for descriptions. They should be styled consistently.

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There is a behaviour difference: Description input is a textarea while the others are single-line input elements. Please provide how behaviour/styling should be.

We basically have the following options, right?

  • border around label and aliases as well (I think that'd look horrible and add even more boxes)
  • no border around description and make it single line
  • no border around description and keep it multiline

The third seems most sensible to me but I am not sure how awkward it'd be when actually typing a long description. Can we try that?

Fourth option:

  • keep it as it is (in line with the mockup).

I think option 1 and 2 are out of discussion. For option 1 I guess @Snaterlicious was thinking well before he designed the mockup as it is right now. regarding option 2, I can tell that I've seen and tried single-line descriptions in an early stage of development and it was horrible.

IMHO, we need to decide between option 3 and 4.

Ok great. Then let's try multiline without border and see if it is an improvement.

Please clarify: No border is meant to be no border at all? How would you even guess there actually is an input element?

Sorry. No border except the underlining like for labels and aliases.