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Replicate Parsoid v1 API functionality in RESTBase
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Are we talking here about encapsulating Parsoid's API following RESTBase's logic and hierarchy or pure copying/proxying (with the same URI structure as Parsoid's)?

@mobrovac, we are talking about providing *the same functionality*, in an API that makes sense as a wider content API (so not necessarily the same as the Parsoid API). We already do this for the most part, there are only some minor bits like support for the bodyOnly flag missing.

Current spec:

The main bit of missing functionality is the bodyOnly flag in wt2html transformations (body in the v1 API), which lets clients retrieve only body.innerHTML.

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bodyOnly is now implemented.

The functionality is now fairly complete. HTML to wikitext conversion with selective serialization is still blocked on T89411, but I think otherwise we are in good shape.

Resolving, as selective serialization is now working as well.