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Parsoid Cite: Render missing reflists
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Since, Cite.php renders missing reflists (that is, left over refs that haven't been rendered in a references group yet) at the bottom of the page. Parsoid's Cite extensions should do the same.

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Change 189974 had a related patch set uploaded (by Marcoil):
WIP: T88660: Emit reflists for <ref> with no explicit <references>


The WIP in progress patch adds references lists for all <ref> groups that have <ref>s which haven't been output yet. This is different from the current Cite.php's behavior of only outputting orphan <ref>s in the default group, but may be necessary to make T88290 work.

Another issue is that when sending the resulting HTML back to Parsoid for html2wt, the missing <reference>s are included. This may be an acceptable dirty diff as it fixes a problem in the page. Opinions?

I think it is acceptable. In any case, selser will handle the unedited refs scenario.

Change 189974 merged by jenkins-bot:
T88660: Emit reflists for <ref> with no explicit <references>