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Tags for topics
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ErikM posted this on Wikimedia-l:

  1. Tags. The team hasn't decided if/how to implement tags yet. My own

bet is that they could be a killer feature. Let people add/edit those
right below the thread title with one click and see if they start
using them.

Say you want an article to be deleted. Start a thread with afd tag,
explain your rationale, you're done. Other users can pull up the
recent afd threads, sort by date, etc. Discussion can happen at the
article level or from the tag page.

Say you want to welcome new users. Leave a welcome note with welcome
tag. Other users can join in on the welcome and give tips/hints.

Say you're a new user and you want to get help. Start a thread with
help tag and it'll show up on that board. Other users can provide
help. (Yes, I know the {{helpme}} template which is sort of a very
poor person's version of this.)

Say you like a picture and you want to nominate it for FP status.
Leave a note with fpc and it'll get added to that feed. (Tags that
are invoked from File talk: pages could dynamically include a thumb,
so no need for extra logic to do that.)

If people misuse tags, others will remove them. (And no, it doesn't
have to be the hashtag syntax. It could work like categories, where
tags could have pages describing them and their purpose -- I wouldn't
recommend using actual categories, because the hierarchy is overkill.)

You'd probably need a tiny bit more pixie dust for rich workflows, but
I'm not quite sold on the idea of a workflow domain language or
anything like that. I'd look for simple rules: Flow already has
"closure" as a discussion property, so closed threads could be easily
filtered. Setting a tag could generate a configurable notice on the
subject page. Etc.

Older Notes on tags collated at:

Trello card: pM8SqvvH

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