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Never show anonymous users' IP addresses
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It's time to check in again on T7486.

Anonymous users are given less privacy than registered users, due to the archaic feature where the editor's IP address takes the place of a username. This can often be resolved to a specific city and service provider, and is also not cool.

Please consider that for some projects, edits made by unregistered users are on average of higher quality than registered edits, [AH: please add citation :) -- de.wp?] the decision to edit anonymously is something we should respect. Publishing an IP is disrespectful to the concept of anonymity.

Don't get me wrong, WikiScanner is hilarious. However, we should be running the same heuristics on registered edits as well, using a privileged research account.

There's probably a good argument that CheckUser admins and even web logs shouldn't contain IP addresses either, but let's table that issue for another task.

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A bit of research to support the quality of anonymous editors:

When we tell anonymous editors that they ought to register, there are substantial productivity losses

Anonymous editors create higher quality articles than newly registered users