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Phabricator's advanced search sometimes doesn't show the content of 'next page' results
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Compare what I think should be the same query:
Phab (it displays a button to go to page 2, except page 2 is empty, so it only shows the first 100 results)
Maniphest (174 results).
See also this query where the interface wrongly suggests there's a 4th page to read.

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Looks like Global advanced search drops more than 100 items for this query

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If we can have a couple of queries showing the problem at, the report upstream will be more chances of receiving attention.

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I have changed the title of the task because the problem here is about Phabricator's advanced search and pagination. It happens sometimes, not always, and I haven't found a pattern.

If you find more buggy examples, please share them.

I think the issue is that the pagination is just an estimate. For instance, sometimes you ask 200 results and you only get 180. The existence of a [2] button doesn't mean there are actually more results.

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