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remove wiki documentation that duplicates generated documentation (tracking)
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In T91626#1102477 @Krinkle wrote

Documentation about modules, classes, methods, configuration variables, apis, hooks etc. always have their wiki equivalent either missing, outdated or wrong. This is natural and unavoidable because developers are not required to maintain these pages. And maintenance is also hard as it would have to happen after review/merge of the commit. These pages can be deleted and the new interface can use the relevant data directly.

I've started doing this for APIs in T89318: Replace on-wiki API documentation with Special:ApiHelp transclusion, I'll create similar tasks for the others. For some of these, we need to create "the new interface" e.g. generate hooks documentation.

Note that editors on try to document multiple releases in one place, including the changes to and deprecations of the defaults and parameters of "modules, classes, methods, configuration variables, apis, hooks, etc.". Generated doc tends to only reflects the latest code it ran against, unless we do a fair amount of work. See concerns in T90528: Generated API Help doesn't indicate the MediaWiki versions that support a module and parameters..

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