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Investigate tracking update mechanism for "non-standard language" views.
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We need to update the usage tracking table based on the information which user languages a pages has been rendered (and cached) in. Find out how we can get notified when an entity page gets rendered in a "new" language, but avoid updating the database every time a pages is rendered.

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WikiPage::triggerOpportunisticLinksUpdate may be a good starting point

WikiPage::triggerOpportunisticLinksUpdate is indeed called whenever a page is re-rendered for display with a specific set of parser options. It's a good candidate for adding a hook point that would allow us to track user-language specific output of the page.

Hooking into WikiPage::triggerOpportunisticLinksUpdate may not be sufficient when links updates are triggered via the job queue. Investigate more.

A simple scheme would be:

  • purge all tracking when the page is edited
  • add tracking on LinksUpdate, for the current language (these would add up for all languages)

Disadvantage: untracked (and possibly unsubscribed) limbo state, "flickering" subscriptions. Possible fix: A (delayed?) job could be used to unsubscribe.

Make sure usage tracking works correctly when importing pages from an XML dump.

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