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Publish a full SVN dump
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To be on the safe side, it would be nice to publish a tarball of the whole SVN filesystem as well as a "svnadmin dump" for each repository. That way, we can worry less about stuff altered/lost by phabricator.

The archive can be published in and then I'll copy it to, or WMF can post it straight to

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yes. do it. there is already other/misc if you only have one or two files, if you will have a lot, make other/svn or some nice name and stuff 'em in. puppetize the dir creation please. awesome!

Files are on antimony under /svnroot/dumps/. Ended up being ~14G gzip'd. It's just 3 files.

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files now available at so closing.

Thanks! Will handle the archiving of this file once Labs' NFS is fully recovered.

Update: The files have been uploaded to the Internet Archive.