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order in other language box by order of babel boxes
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Feature request by Wylve: The order in the in other languages box should be determined by the order of the babel boxes on the user page.

Discussion points: Will this cause caching issues? Is this the right way to order?

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Afaik they are not cached, but injected afterwards with the TextInjector. So, no issue with caching.

Currently it seems to be ordered by language code plus current interface language first.

Lydia_Pintscher claimed this task.

We are going to allow showing the languages the user has not selected in addition. I think this will become too messy if we also take this into account.

Note that there is, currently, also no way of requesting the order from the babel box (other than parsing the users page, something we should not do). What the babel box does is adding categories. What the Babel extension then does is querying for these categories. But there is no guarantee the order of the categories is identical to the order in the babel box. The categorylinks database table does not store that order.