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Some workflow's have workflow_page_id = 0
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We don't currently use this data anywhere, which is probably why we never noticed. As part of the page move code i was using this to double check that the new location still has the old page id, and it fails.

Most likely this is caused by creating the workflow before writing the new page out to the database.

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Also seems like a fix is required (or would at least be very helpful) for T90974: U3. Don't reuse board workflow when board is re-created. When a page is re-created, it gets a new page ID. At the same time, ar_page_id is supposed to record the page ID that was deleted.

So by fixing this, and being able to point to ar_page_id for deleted workflows, I think we can solve T90974 (and still allow undeletion).

Change 204735 had a related patch set uploaded (by Matthias Mullie):
Set workflow_page_id when creating a workflow

Change 204735 merged by jenkins-bot:
Set workflow_page_id when creating a workflow