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MySQL tuning on CI slaves (tracking)
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Since we switched the MediaWiki tests from sqlite (on tmpfs) to MySQL, the build time has increased significantly. This task track tasks to boost MySQL performances.

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In addition to using tmpfs for the mysqld.datadir (T96230), there seems to be quite a lot of information online about using tmpfs for mysqld.tmpdir.

I'm not sure to what extent our use of MySQL involves it reaching out to the tmpdir, but considering that that is disk-bound on Ubuntu by default, we may want to create consider switching the mysql tmpdir to tmpfs as well. Let's try T96230 first, though.

In addition to mysql datadir and mysql tmpdir, another thing that I read a fair bit online is using engine=MEMORY.

I imagine that with datadir on tmpfs, using the MEMORY engine shouldn't matter much though. I'd rather we stick to InnoDB and other engines for predictable behaviour.

I gave engine=MEMORY a quick try on but eventually gave up because that engine does not support BLOB/TEXT columns so the installer fail initializing such tables (ex: user).

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