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Entity pages should link to machine readable version using <link rel="alternate"> tags in the html head
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<link rel="alternate"> tags can be picked up by 3rd party tools to discover the machine readable version of the page.

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To give you an update on this: I did some refactoring for this already (a8d51d709bfdcab7809332de4fea786b3cc87ee5) and poked at potential performance issues ( I guess the performance is not going to be a problem (see my last comment on that change), so continuing on this is fine (and I will hopefully manage to do that this week).

Things to do: Store the output formats in the parser output, add them to the html (via OutputPage).

Change 209531 had a related patch set uploaded (by JanZerebecki):
Track language of label usage on the client.

Change 219001 had a related patch set uploaded (by Hoo man):
Add rel=alternate links to the html head for entities

added to the current sprint, since marius has been working on it

Change 219001 merged by jenkins-bot:
Add rel=alternate links to the html head for entities