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Migrate the oauth patches into our phabricator/extensions repository to avoid manually rebasing two patches every time we pull from upstream.
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Since the oauth patch hasn't made much progress upstream in recent months, I'm importing the oauth code into our phabricator/extensions repository (rPHEX)

rPHEX10a404e97697 is the patch as it existed for the past several months. The commit message for that commit explains my plan for migrating the patch out of the phab repo so that we don't have to continue rebasing a patch against upstream changes. is the fix for a couple of bugs that I discovered in the process of moving the patch and testing it in preparation for the upcoming phabricator upgrade.

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The only work that still needs to be done on this is to create symlinks from /srv/phab/phabricator/src/extensions/ pointing to the two new files added in

This is all ready to go:

  • change #205090 has been merged and tagged as release/2015-04-22/1
  • change #205723 creates the symlinks.