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Floating header for Flow's side rail
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Clickable prototype:

The header for the side rail says: "About this discussion page", and has the X for collapsing the rail.

default_position.jpg (832×1 px, 585 KB)

As the user scrolls down, the header anchors to the top of the window.

floating_header_basic.jpg (834×1 px, 659 KB)

The header continues to appear even if the user has passed the end of the side rail content.

floating_header_past_the_header.jpg (828×1 px, 490 KB)

Clicking on "About this discussion page" is a way to scroll back to the top of the page.

The side rail can be collapsed even when it's further down the page.

floating_header_collapsed.jpg (835×1 px, 533 KB)

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