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[Migrated] Regular expressions to trigger an "Are you sure?" message on saving
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I'd like to be able to configure two regular expressions via the "Options" menu somewhere, one to identify a suspect edit and one to identify a suspect edit summary. The "Save" button would check the article text and the edit summary against these regular expressions, and perhaps put up Yes/No warnings: "Are you sure you want to save this edit?" and "Are you sure you want to save this edit summary?".

Background: My typo-fixing method replaces text with the word "INVESTIGATE", to tell me that I need to edit the text manually or to tweak one of my typo-fixing rules. Usually this works well, but there is a constant danger that I'll accidentally save an edit or edit summary containing the bogus word "INVESTIGATE". Sometimes I realise my mistake instantly, but a few have slipped through. The latest database dump shows that my error at Henry Mears lasted two months. @John of Reading 16:23, 10 December 2014 (UTC)

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