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[Migrated] Expand FixLivingThingsRelatedDates to fix "born in" and "died in"
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Could you please expand FixLivingThingsRelatedDates so it will also replace "John Doe (born in 1978)" with "John Doe (born 1978)" and "John Doe (died in 1978)" with "John Doe (died 1978)" in the lead section of articles? (e.g. Dastmalchian) Thanks! @GoingBatty 17:42, 7 December 2014 (UTC)

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@GoingBatty We need a database scan for this but I am not sure of what exactly to search for. I tried for "born in \d\d\d\d" but it is not a good idea.

GoingBatty added a comment.EditedSep 24 2015, 3:45 AM

@Magioladitis - I tried '''\s+\((born|died)\s+in\s+\d{4}\) against the Sep 2015 database dump and got 1,117 matches. Of course, not all of them are in the zeroth section of the article.

@GoingBatty Plase check as much as possible to see if you can find any false positives.