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Fix disambiguation links where the link is a parameter in a "disambiguation needed" template
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Sometimes disambiguation links are put ''inside'' the "disambiguation needed" template like the following: '''{{disambiguation needed|Jones Beach|date=June 2011}}'''; this yields the outcome, {{disambiguation needed|Jones Beach|date=June 2011}}. AWB does not seem to pick up links that are inside the template like this, so these still must be fixed manually. It would be great if AWB could recognize and address disambiguation links inside such a template, and eliminate the template entirely when the link is fixed. @BD2412 14:35, 8 May 2014 (UTC)

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I did a search on

\{disambiguation needed\|[^d]

Only 87 pages and I can fix, with some help, all of them.

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Me and @Bgwhite moved all remaining link outside the template. There were less than 70.