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[Task] Ignore stale usage entries when processing changes
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AffectedPagesFinder should ignore stale usage entries. To that end, SqlUsageTracker needs to join the usage entries against the page table and compare page_touched to eu_touched.

NOTE: this may not be needed at all, since we purge on LinksUpdateComplete

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This may not be necessary. If we prune stale usage info not only on ArticleEditUpdates, but also on LinksUpdate, we should not have stale usage tracking entries in the database for long. So it would not be necessary to filter them out when looking up usages.

Given pruning on LinksUpdate, filtering stale entries on lookup would be purely defensive. I'm not sure that is worth the additional cost of joining against the page table.

Dropped this from the sprint for now, and flagged it for further discussion.

Jonas renamed this task from Ignore stale usage entries when processing changes to [Task] Ignore stale usage entries when processing changes.Nov 2 2015, 3:31 PM

No longer relevant, eu_touched, doesn't exist anymore.