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"Introduction to Wikimedia Tech" session (on first Hackathon day)
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An Introduction to and an Overview of Wikimedia Tech: Technical areas, Infrastructure, and Communication.

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@Rfarrand, @Qgil: So does someone have links to previous "MediaWiki 101" sessions, slides, videos?
Spent a few minutes on Commons and Youtube now and I fail.

I could imagine preparing/running such a session but would really like to see what has been covered in the past and not only depend on my memory here.

[Edit]: Hmm, maybe Quim's "The Wikimedia open source project and you" in might provide some pointers.

@Aklapper: @Qgil did not use slides last time, he just pulled up some webpages which he could probably list here and talked about them.

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Edited the task summary after giving this some more thoughts and watching random videos and slides.
Feedback welcome but not mandatory :)

Andre! This looks really great! Thanks for raising the bar on this. I think it will be greatly appreciated. :)
Now we just need a good plan for what to do with people who come up and tell you they don't have projects!

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This session was given today so I'm closing this task as resolved.

Your comments in this task are welcome what to improve for next time! Thank you in advance!