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Add "Forgot your password" to login screen
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Reset passwordSet new password

Would be helpful to enable users who forgot their passwords to be able to retrieve it for log in through the app.

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User stories

Users with accounts
As a user with a Wikipedia account I would like to be able to log in to my account on the iOS app, even if I have 2FA enabled. When I forget my password, I would like to be able to reset my password through the app

Design details

Reset password email confirmation (system message)

Action MessageColor
User resets their passwordTemporary password sent via emailGreen

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It is presently not possible to trigger a password reset email over the API, so this task is impossible to complete. Marking as stalled, accordingly.

The work to unblock this is tracked in T32788.

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This task should be possible now, given the recent API changes:

(Even if not possible, we should provide at least a link to Safari/mobile reading web's password reset.)

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