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Ex:SemanticForms - Stored XSS in template label on Special:FormEdit
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  1. Create a form and add <script> tag in the "Template label (optional):" field
  2. Visit Special:FormEdit/<templatename>/<anypage>
  3. Script executes

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For some reason I only saw this now. Thanks for the patch! I just checked in this change.

That was

@Yaron_Koren, for future patches on security bugs, it would be great if you could comment here if you think the patch looks good, or needs an improvement. Then we can deploy (secretly) to our cluster before making the patch public in gerrit.

Deployed as a security patch for wikitech. @mmodell, since the patch is in master, it will be included with wmf13. But wmf11 and 12 are patched.

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CVE-2015-6732 was assigned for this and T103761.