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[Task] Ex:WikibaseQualityExternalValidation - performance review of Special:CrossCheck
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@aaron, can you take a look at this special page?

It eventually calls CrossChecker::crossCheckStatements, which if you follow the execution path has 6 foreach'es nested inside each other.

Besides throttling (T103905) is there anything they need to do to make sure this isn't a DoS vector?

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aaron added a comment.Jul 15 2015, 7:58 AM

It would be interesting to dumps of all the queries for a request done for a typical case and a worse-type case.

In both cases 3 database queries are executed:
Query 1:

SELECT dump_id FROM wbqev_identifier_properties
WHERE identifier_pid IN ( ... );

Query 2:

SELECT * FROM wbqev_dump_information
LEFT JOIN wbqev_identifier_properties
ON wbqev_dump_information.dumpId = wbqev_identifier_properties.dump_id
WHERE wbqev_dump_information.dumpId IN ( ... );

Query 3:

SELECT ( dump_id, external_id, pid, external_value ) 
FROM wbqev_external_data
WHERE dump_id IN ( ... )
AND external_id IN ( ... )
AND pid IN ( ... );

Number of rows depends on how many external datasets are imported into the database. For now, we only use the GND as a counterpart database, which results in the following numbers:

Typical Case
Query 1 returns 1 row.
Query 2 returns 3 rows.
Query 3 returns 3 rows.

Worst Case
Query 1 returns 1 row.
Query 2 returns 3 rows.
Query 3 returns 22 rows.

Does this answers your question, or do you need more information?

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@aaron Any update on this? This looks like it is the last remaining blocker for deploying the extension.

aaron added a comment.Sep 9 2015, 8:35 PM

The JOIN for query #2 does not seem to have an index. wbqev_identifier_properties has:

PRIMARY KEY (identifier_pid, dump_id)

...but nothing like (dump_id). Is the wbqev_identifier_properties table going to pruned of older dumps or will it just keep growing?

Query #3 would require a few clever index dives to run well. I'm not sure how smart MariaDB is here. Has anyone tried "EXPLAIN format=json" with a good dataset (doesn't have to be full size, but a few 100k items). My fear would be having just the (dump_id) index part used and scanning happening for the other two IN()s. On the revision table, two IN()s work fine:

EXPLAIN EXTENDED SELECT * FROM revision FORCE INDEX(rev_page_id) WHERE rev_page IN (5043734,3535,6234) AND rev_id IN (343535,23255,33626);
stdClass Object
    [id] => 1
    [select_type] => SIMPLE
    [table] => revision
    [type] => range
    [possible_keys] => rev_page_id
    [key] => rev_page_id
    [key_len] => 8
    [ref] => 
    [rows] => 9
    [filtered] => 100.00
    [Extra] => Using index condition

For wbqev_external_data, the only index with pid has it as the third part of the index.

CREATE INDEX /*i*/dump_id_external_id_pid ON /*_*/wbqev_external_data (dump_id, external_id, pid); mariadb will need to handle 3 levels of IN nesting to avoid scanning extra rows. It may work just fine, though it would be nice to know for sure.

I'm having trouble finding documentation about wbqev_external_data. The PK is just an opaque rowid field. How many rows might there be for any given (dump_id, external_id, pid) combination? What decides that number?

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Was this deployed already? Perhaps this can just be closed.

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