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Add a maintence report sub-set of special pages for the "Module:" namespace
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I think it will be nice to have such a special page sub-set. Wikis reusing content from other wikis (e.g. Wikimedia or other projects) utilizing this extension would benefit for knowing if a module is missing, etc. post importation/creation to get the show running.

Currently we have a long standing, simple-to-follow & logic based maintenance group of generated listings. This group has a sub-set of complimentary Special: pages within it detailing specific maintenance deficiencies per a set group of namespaces. This sub-set is illustrated in the table below...

Uncategorized categoriesUnused categoriesWanted categories
Uncategorized filesUnused filesWanted files
Uncategorized pagesUnused pagesWanted pages
Uncategorized templatesUnused templatesWanted templates

In short, this proposal requests building upon the existing "foundation" of maintenance Special: pages illustrated in the above table by adding the following equivalent for the Module namespace to it ...

Uncategorized modulesUnused modulesWanted modules

The caveat in adding such a sub-set would seem to result in a rather "large" maintenance group section in the end.

If so, further discussion of any possibility in filtering each specific maintenance task by namespace(s) to shorten the list is needed (iow- not sure filtering of such Special: cached pages is even possible never mind feasible).

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Indeed it is. At least it makes sense to me. Great! :)

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Technically declined, but practically implemented in rMW64717f414cdd: Don't check namespace in SpecialWantedtemplates.

Core patch was reverted, see T114200.

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