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Modify DonationInterface limbo code for high availability deployment
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Implement plan set out in T103206. Make changes to our code and configuration so that we are minimally affected by the following types of failure:

  • One payments box becomes unreachable for a few minutes.
  • A payments box dies and can be rebuilt with intact data.
  • A payments box dies and is rebuilt with no data.

See updated documentation at

Rework code to handle limbo queues as an object rather than a global, and add logic to choose which backends we connect to in each case.

  • Frontend code writes to the queue on localhost, aka. payments100[1-3]. No code change, just configuration.
  • Orphan slayer connects to these three queues in round-robin order. Configure.
  • If the orphan slayer fails to connect to a server, eliminate it from this batch run and hobble on through.
  • Configuration for a single queue backend should behave as it did before.

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WIP Implement high-availability queue pool

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WIP Implement high-availability queue pool