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Source link card is missing when a new link is added in the translation
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When text is selected in the translation a pair of link cards is expected to be shown: one for the article in the target language that matches the selected text and another for the equivalent article in the source language (which may have a totally different title and should be found through the Wikidata connection with the target article not by title).

This is not happening when users select text in the translation or even after the link creation as shown in the screenshots below:

linkcard-on-selected-text.png (303×1 px, 243 KB)

link-card-on-new-link.png (301×1 px, 243 KB)

You can reproduce the issue by typing "máscara" in a translation to Spanish (e.g., from English). The expected result is for both "Máscara" article in Spanish and "Mask" article in English to be shown as link cards to allow users to verify the link is pointing to the right article.

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Closely related to T102116, possibly a dupe.

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The issue is not present in CX2 en:Mask is correctly found for es:Máskara