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Thumbnails no longer rendering for recent local uploads
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It is not only enwiki problem, I guess. Here is a link to Latvian Wikipedia file.

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Aaron's guess was correct. Both 9d45102200e7196ba4933103a3fa1144509515a9 and 3bfb0b5d4e874ba66fb857b36feac173918fc458 were reverted with d773c225abdec5256bc70506565d7d364212c00c, which seems to have alleviated the problems for now.

Also see bugs T84842, T106743.

A bit of post-mortem:

while 9d45102200e7196ba4933103a3fa1144509515a9 was correct, 3bfb0b5d4e874ba66fb857b36feac173918fc458 wasn't, as the proxypass was made to a path that was not within the DOCROOT of apache.

As a consequence, mod_proxy_fcgi was sending to HHVM:


when HHVM tries to mimick what ZEND does, it strips the DOCROOT from the SCRIPT_NAME it creates, but in this case the DOCROOT is different than the path it gets from SCRIPT_FILENAME, so the result is


instead of


which is what the code expects (it's the value of $_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'] under Zend.