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External surveys can be configured from the extension configuration
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As a stakeholder interested in showing an external survey to readers, I should be able to add an external survey specifying:

  • survey code name (identifier for the survey)
  • type (quick, external)
  • a phrase to explain what the survey is about (i18n json key, + json qqq & en values)
  • the external link to the survey
  • the link to privacy policy with a text for such link (i18n json key, + json qqq & en values)
  • if the survey is enabled or not
  • which % of users will see the survey
  • platform targets for the survey (mobile, desktop, etc)...
    • For each platform, which version of it is targeted (stable, beta, alpha)


  • Configuration for external surveys is created
    • and can be accessed from php & in the browser JS
    • Fields specified can be changed in the configuration of the extension
    • There's an example external survey with all config values that is disabled
    • Disabled surveys are not sent or accessible from the browser

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@Jdlrobson, isn't this task about configuring external surveys? If yes, should be sufficient.

Change 230941 had a related patch set uploaded (by Bmansurov):
Add example configuration for external surveys

Change 230941 merged by jenkins-bot:
Add example configuration for external surveys

Does this send localized config or just the keys for the i18n?

See question :
And my answer

@Jdlrobson @rmoen @bmansurov @phuedx lets sync on this since both tasks
this and T107586 should do the same strategy regarding sending localized
(or not).

This one is done by design of the quick surveys version of the task, so I'm closing this one but let's address the concerns of i18n on T107586