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Various mobile module dependencies on stale cached pages in production for some non logged in users
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It appears that JS is not enabled, but in fact it seems mobiles modules are not getting loaded.

mw.loader.getState( 'mobile.issues' )


mw.loader.getState( 'mobile.startup' )


mw.loader.getState( 'skins.minerva.scripts' )


Note mobile.startup is a dependency of skins.minerva.scripts and skins.minerva.scripts

Looking at bottom of document in view source I see
which includes skins.minerva.scripts ... why did it not load?

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^ @ori @Krinkle I suspect related to your recent changes? Any ideas?

Purging cache seemed to fix
Are we intentionally serving non-JS site to cached pages?

Okay so I talked to @Krinkle in irc [1] and to summarise, the performance team is rolling out these changes in such a way that cached html will not be a problem. I have flushed caches for problematic pages on beta labs and started a new job [2] to check our tests are passing again. If it passes I think we are good to go.

[1] P1836

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This is now on production, so apparently cached HTML is a problem. Not sure how best to fix it though.

I'm still puzzled why this bug wouldn't impact desktop as well as mobile. The inline `if ( mw.mobileFrontend checks only impact non-essential functionality and are covered in T108204

@ori has suggested doing a cache flush for mobile @BBlack has done one recently which wasn't too costly.

I am however concerned at how desktop doesn't have this issue... are we sure that it doesn't?

Okay so there was a bit of a misunderstanding and according to @Krinkle it is expected that there are some pages that will still load from cache and thus non run JS. This is also likely to be the case for a small amount of pages in desktop.

Content over 3 weeks old (a small % of pages) will just be like this until their cache purges so potentially nothing to do here. We can flush it if we really want to...

@Jdlrobson What do you think. Should we flush cache? What is a small % of pages?

Nothing happened to my knowledge. I personally didn't think it was worth the hassle. Cached pages should be less of a problem right now.

Ok, closing then. We'll reopen is this comes back or it becomes something serious.

It looks like I happened to hit this. I'm unsure if it's common, but see the picture for an example. The particularly affected page seems to be working fine now.