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Add page view statistics to page information pages (action=info) [AOI]
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It would be nice if page view data could be included directly in page information pages (action=info) rather than requiring the user to follow another link at the bottom of the page.

For example, it would be awesome if this page...
... included a chart like ...
It wouldn't have to have all the view options that has. It could just be a simple chart or table with a link to for people that want to dig deeper.

(This task came out of discussions related to T108425.)

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@kaldari, that's what we're hoping to do with the API, for sure. The endpoint you would need to feed a chart like that is planned for launch, hopefully by the end of this quarter or a bit late.

@Milimetric: Is there a Phabricator task for that API? Just wanting to add the proper blocker.

You can use the one you have in the description, @kaldari: T44259

That's the main task that I promised I'd keep updated with progress. If you're interested in more nitty-gritty, this is the "project" level task in our kanban board: T101792, and basically any task with {slug} in the name is related. The main hurdle to pass now is puppet configuration for the cluster that's hosting the API: T107056

Is it possible to represent that data as weekly numbers instead of daily? There's a pattern of use over the course of a week -- I think lower on weekends than during the week. Weekly stats would smooth out some of the random fluctuations, and would be easier to take in.

@DannyH: Yes, it would definitely be possible, although it would be more difficult since the API doesn't provide any roll-ups larger than 1 day. Also, there may be cases where you want to see daily breakdowns. For example, to see if a news event affected the page views for a related topic. I think daily stats would be best for an MVP, but we should think about more a more comprehensive interface for the future, perhaps in collaboration with Analytics and Design. I also know that Sherah has a lot of experience with stat visualization and might be interested in giving us some ideas.

We support dashiki too, which has for example rolling averages (type 7 in the box on the lower left:, but that's just using dygraphs and many other viz solutions have this ability.

@kaldari, I think this should be in the Blocked column instead of Assigned to other teams.

The API is launched, spec is final, we're still working on loading in all the data (had to switch schemas because it used way more space than we calculated). All the details are available here:

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I'll remove analytics for now, please ping me or add it again if there's specific work you need us to do