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[Bug] Quantity field has bad data (\n)
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Somehow on certain entities quantity field happens to have bad data, e.g. see:

The quantity field on P1083 is "+16100\n" which is obviously wrong. Same in JSON:

There's quantity field:

"snaktype": "value",
"property": "P1083",
"datavalue": {
"value": {
"amount": "+16100\n",
"unit": "1",
"upperBound": "+16100\n",
"lowerBound": "+16100\n"
"type": "quantity"

This is obviously not correct and API should catch this and fix the data.

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Also, editing P1083 on Q1427761 seems to be broken too - edit field just does not appear.

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Patches for review:

For your information, the reason is a bogus edge case in PCRE, see This edge case does not exist in ECMA/JavaScript.

@thiemowmde thanks for digging this up. What the fuck, PCRE?! I bet this causes security holes in thousands of web apps. Maybe worth mentioning at Perl Jam 3...

Wow this is messed up. You could use D modifier though:

If this modifier is set, a dollar metacharacter in the pattern matches only at the end of the subject string. Without this modifier, a dollar also matches immediately before the final character if it is a newline (but not before any other newlines). This modifier is ignored if m modifier is set. There is no equivalent to this modifier in Perl.

Existance of this modifier shows somebody already encountered this WTF :)