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I wonder if the unit should be controlled by a predefined code list. Otherwise we will have a multitude of units for the same quantity type, e.g. W, kW, MW etc. for power.

Alternatively, in stead of unity type, allowing selection of a quantity type like "time", "length", "area", "power", "currency" etc. where the unit is predefined to a non-prefixed unit, correspondingly to "s", "m", "m2", "W", "unspecified".

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physik wrote:

I saw a RFC. Is someone working on that?
Semantic annotation of formulae that contain units is part of my PhD topic... therefore I'm very interested in that topic and open for potential contributions.

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Status update: We have just released the first version of the quantities data type on It does not yet support units.

@Physikerwelt: feel free to get in touch with me via email :)

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