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[Story] Editing units should show unit label instead of URIs right away.
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[Add] When I add a value with unit it should not be possible to enter non-vocabulary-repo URIs via the UI. It is only possible to select an Item from the vocabulary repo that represents the unit (via the suggester or copy-pasting a valid concept URI).

[Edit] When I edit a value with a unit:

  • Vocabulary repo concept URIs : it should never show the URI instead the label always is shown.
  • Some URI: it should show the URI and it should allow me to edit the value, but it is only possible to change the URI by selecting an item. (old Data/imports/errors)

In essence this means it is only possible to enter non vocabulary repo concept URIs via the API, but there must be a configuration that allows to reject non concept URIs of the vocabulary lookup repository.

Keep in mind:
In the future it should be possible to configure a remote vocabulary lookup repository that has the same behavior as on Wikidata (selecting, label resolving)

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Note that there are two unrelated (sub) tasks in this tasks description:

  1. The task itself is about blocking non-Wikidata URIs on Wikidata, when editing via the UI.
  2. Non-concept URIs should be blocked via the relevant validator, e.g. should actively be blocked, even if external URIs are allowed. I created a ticket for that but can't find it, see T102840: Disallow URIs to non-Item pages in unit/globe/calendar values.
  3. Introducing the necessary remote-lookups that are needed before a "vocabularyLookupApiUrl" setting (see can be introduced must be tracked in other tickets (probably a bigger Story, if not an Epic).

I created T111058 to split out the part of blocking other URIs.

daniel renamed this task from [Story] Editing units should hide Wikidata concept URIs to [Story] Editing units should show unit label instead of URIs right away..Sep 2 2015, 12:06 PM

Patches for review:


@Lydia_Pintscher Didn't see the task you created, so I created T111171: [Task] Restrict URIs for units, calendars, and globes. Sorry for the confusion, I have tried to sort it out now.

Change 235495 had a related patch set uploaded (by Daniel Kinzler):
Use QuantityHtmlFormatter

Patch on github that enables showing the label instead of the uri

Change 235495 merged by jenkins-bot:
Introduce VocabularyUriFormatter and use QuantityHtmlFormatter