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Undo in Flow, mis-converts into VE-mode
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Undo, is confused between wikitext and VE-modes, and misconverts.

I composed a post. I then edited that post, making my last edit in VE-mode.

If I click "undo" at
whilst the sticky-preference is still set for VE-mode, it gives me an incorrect rendering:

wrFT6U2.png (587×1 px, 55 KB)

2nd test:
If I make another post, and the last edit is in wikitext-mode (to change my sticky preference), and then I click "undo" at the link above, it initially displays as expected:

BlkC6ft.png (501×1 px, 53 KB)

However, as soon as I click in the text area, to make a further edit, it instantly changes to VE-mode, and mis-renders it again (slightly differently than before):
g8imExx.png (584×1 px, 53 KB)

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I think this is the last place where the old editor system is being used. I still haven't figured out exactly how/when it got broken.

@Quiddity, @DannyH: I see 3 options at this time:

  1. Always load the wikitext editor on this page regardless of preference. I am proposing this is because the diff is shown in wikitext so it seems to make sense to look at the diff and edit/submit your new version using the same language. Effort: minimal
  2. Find the problem and repair the old system. Effort: unknown
  3. Replace with the new editor system. Effort: medium

#1 sounds sensible to me - reverting a diff needs to be checked and sometimes verified or partially replaced, in which case wikitext might be easier for many editors.

Yes, I agree. Loading the wikitext editor makes sense; the people who will be looking at this page will be fine with wikitext.

Change 240019 had a related patch set uploaded (by Sbisson):
Show the wikitext editor first on the undo pages

The same problem exists with

  1. undo edit post
  2. undo edit topic summary
  3. undo edit board description

Change 240019 merged by jenkins-bot:
Show the wikitext editor first on the undo pages

Re-checked both cases described in the ticket and one more from

i.e. Rendering of

{{collapse top|test collapse}}foo bar {{collapse bottom}}foo bar. test edit.
<s>Marking as resolved to test</s>


Carriage return symbols(as on seems to be gone:

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 11.24.47 AM.png (276×737 px, 30 KB)
Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 11.34.52 AM.png (303×773 px, 38 KB)

Also checked

undo edit post
undo edit topic summary
undo edit board description