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WEP global data collection campaign committee
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Sep 29 2015, 12:19 AM
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Committee members will collaborate with @AKoval_WMF as a partner or advisor on a global historical data collection campaign that will collect and count and analyze and report data, metrics, and statistics from Wikimedia Education Programs around the world.

Additional information forthcoming.

Please see also this mailing list thread: [Education-collab] Numbers, please..? :)

On Mon, Sep 28, 2015 at 11:47 PM, Anna Koval <> wrote:

My big project this quarter will be collecting precisely this type of data and sharing it with the wider wiki world.

To my knowledge, no other global data collection campaign of this kind has ever been attempted before. And now that the program has grown to almost 80 countries [1] it's high time we undertake it!

This isn't an easy or a simple task by any means. So if there are Collab members who are interested in/have experience with/enjoy data collection and analysis, I would welcome one or more partners/advisors in this process. (This could be a new Phabricator task to claim!) :)

I will definitely include your question about what was added in the last year in particular. That's a great metric to have because it demonstrates our growth. However, two years back data could be more difficult to collect given incomplete/inconsistent documentation/record keeping by various programs along with volunteer attrition/burnout/turnover in various communities.

Unfortunately, all this is to say that we do not have the numbers you need now/yet -- but we're working on it!


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Will be happy to help with this. Just say what would be most helpful to you. :)

I'm also willing to help out with this. Maybe create a small temporary task force?

Wow, you two are so wonderful. Thank you for offering your support on this high priority project. It means a lot to me. <3

As for a task force, that's a great idea. I'd love to include someone from Wikimedia Armenia, either @DavidSaroyan or Lilit Tarkhanyan. Lilit is not yet on Phabricator per T114572: Get all Collab members onto Phabricator and subscribed to the Education-Collab project. WMAM is *awesome* at documenting! Would help to have their thoughts about the structure of all this. Would one of you want to recruit one of them? :)

Your timing couldn't be better. Monday was to be my start day on this, actually. Would you be free to talk by google hangout next week? It would help me if a lot I could share my screen, talk you through what I'm thinking, walk you through what I've done so far, and get your input on how best to connect all the cogs and make the machine work! :)

Sure, I should be able to partake next week.

@DavidSaroyan should feel pinged and can join us spontaneously :)

Annal'e, so sorry, I somehow missed your comment. Did I miss the meeting, or is it planned for this week?

@dungodung @Esh77 @Base @AddisWang @Lilitik22 @DavidSaroyan

Dear Data Task Force,

That's what I'm calling us now. :)

Apologies for not scheduling this meeting yet. Here is a doodle to determine the best time for us to meet.

Just so you know, and for the record, I was sidetracked with another urgent data collection project:

Now that this is {{done}}, I can focus on our global education program historical data collection campaign.

Before tomorrow I will reply here again with a draft of possible subtasks.

Thanks for your patience. And thanks for your help with this top priority project.


Just a comment on doodle times: beware that many countries (at least in Europe) are changing from DST to standard time during the weekend, so in local time 10pm UTC on Saturday is different than 10pm UTC on Sunday.

Anna'le, I really wanna join in, but this is very short notice. Many options are during the weekend (which is already packed) or at the beginning of next week, which is very hectic here with the opening of the new academic semester. Is it at all possible to add more options closer to the end of next week?
Thanks much,

Thanks, Filip, for noting the time change. Forgot about that. It's not til November 1 in the U.S. Oy vey, this complicates things even more. Ah well, we'll schedule this somehow! :)

Shani'le, I completely understand about academic calendar concerns; thanks for noting them. I'm sorry about the short notice. I just felt bad that some time had passed while you all waited for me. Not a problem. We can slow things down somewhat for sure! :)

In order to address concerns about the short notice and to fix the apparently broken link (thanks, Shani, for reporting that), I've redone the survey. Here's the new link:

You should have received it in a separate email as well. If you didn't get it, or if it still doesn't work, please let me know. I hope these times are more helpful.

Looking forward to working together soon! :)

First task force meeting happened today from 7-9PM UTC via Google Hangout. This hangout was not recorded.

Please see notes in the etherpad:

Additional on-wiki documentation is forthcoming.

Noting here that I posted a request at {T115047#1766759} from this task force to preview the campaign findings at the Collab's upcoming face-to-face meeting in Sweden and during that time to get feedback from members about the on-wiki presentation of the data.

Noting here the we had an etherpad meeting about this project today. Thanks to @dungodung @Base and @Esh77 for their very thoughtful and helpful feedback. <3

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Does our group prefer the term 'committee' to 'task force'? 'Task force' sounds, to me, very American, and very militaristic. And, yet, I'm the one responsible for using it in this space. (See etherpad titles.) Sorry about that! Wanted to attempt to update it to something more clearly descriptive and accurate -- because it's much much more than 'support'. Hope that's ok by you all <3 .

@AKoval_WMF, whatever you find best is fine by me. :)

Task force sounds better to me (sound like there's much action behind it, as opposed to committees, which sound a bit more static) :D

Yeah committee sounds more bureaucratic rather than active to me. Just an opinion, though

Declining this task per T247235. Feel free to reopen and assign to yourself if you plan to work on this - thanks!