default lock file for scap3 should be repo-dependent
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Since scap will be used to deploy mediawiki as well as other code, the default lock_file of /var/lock/scap is inadequate. The lock file should be changed so that by default a deploy of one repo won't interfere with the deploy of another.

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I recently added a sync.flag (in D36), I think that could take the place of a lock file in /var/lock/scap. @thcipriani: Does that sound reasonable to you? The lock file could exist in the same location as the scap.cfg I suppose.

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@mmodell, sounds like merging the two lock files is a reasonable approach. While both files have different semantics, both have the same effect of locking deployments.

Might also be neat if the sync.flag could contain a reason, like we have with puppet agent --disable

@thcipriani: I agree, I will add the 'reason' by writing a message to the lock file.

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