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Script to help readers using Eastern Arabic numerals in Arabic projects
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This task is a split in 3 tasks of a major task T115561 .

We voted in Arabic Wikipedia for the exclusive use of Western Arabic numerals (WAN) (0, 1, 2 ) instead of allowing the use of Eastern Arabic numerals (EAN) (٠‎ - ١‎ - ٢) when editing.
21 for / none against

And the related policy have been updated

Task : script to help readers using Eastern Arabic numerals
In the discussion of the vote above, someone said that it is possible to automatically change E to W numerals when saving the edits. Can you add this feature to Arabic projects ? Some editors (specially those editing from cellphones) still use the EAN (٠‎ - ١‎ - ٢). If not, we are going to use a bot to periodically change numerals and make some exceptions (articles about the Indian numbering system, .. ).

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something new ?

If there were news they were listed here. This task is in under "MediaWiki-Internationalization (Backlog)" and not prioritized. Anybody is welcome to provide patches to speed up fixing.

@Helmoony Now it's exist in Arabic Wikipedia under Gadget-Numeral converter.js which imported by @Zack

alaa assigned this task to Zack.

Removing MediaWiki-Internationalization as no code was changed in MediaWiki itself (Git repository), but some code was written on a Wikimedia website (not a Git repository) instead