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Create an extremely bare-bones RL module, containing basic, simple styles for skins to consume
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content.css, elements.css & interface.css in resources/src/mediawiki.skinning/ are not always ideal:

[21:12:54] <Isarra> I've generally found I never want any of them because they all come with useless (and poorly-written) baggage.
[21:14:03] <Isarra> What I'm proposing, though, is barely even interface. Where those all have styles (borders, backgrounds, sizes, whatever), this is just really simple things like clears and noprints and make RTL actually work and anything else ANY skin, no matter the style, will need and use.

Furthermore shared.css and/or oldshared.css from resources/src/mediawiki.legacy/ are always available on most/all skins (?) and they contain some styles, such as the visualClear class definition, which should ideally be in this new RL module.

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Isarra added a comment.Nov 8 2015, 7:29 PM

The idea here is this will be things that aren't even styles that stand out as styles - they're just little things to be used wherever.

We can start by deprecating mediawiki.legacy and replacing it, but I expect there will also be some definitions from content, elements, or interface that ought to be moved out as well down the line.

This task is not clear to me. Are you proposing that we clean up shared.css and make it non-legacy?

Isarra added a comment.Nov 9 2015, 7:28 PM

Yeah, looks like this is a subset of that. A module for... the less styley bits.

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