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Enable a way for us to choose whether to autowatchlist each new flow topic
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As a user who has watchlisted a page, I want to be able to choose whether or not to automatically watchlist each new topic.

Background: the current configuration, for a page that I've watchlisted, is to only send a notification, and only add a single watchlist item, for the creation of a new topic; not for subsequent posts in that topic, unless/until I manually watchlist that topic.

Expected: To have a selection system when watchlisting a page (if either or both of the page/talkpage are flow-enabled), giving me options for how I want to receive updates to that flow board(s).

There are many related comments and tasks, in:

(I also made one-possible very rough napkin sketch about this:

  • Mostly just to trigger further thought/discussion/design, not as a mockup or final proposal! There are edge-cases to consider, and other dreams to add/enhance it with.)

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