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In math inspector, when height is limited the editing section (with active cursor) is not visible
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Compare the following two views. when the page is resized the edit section in math inspector is not viewable at all, which looks confusing and broken. I think we should make that section visible by reducing the size of the empty area on top when a page is resized.

without page resize:

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 1.00.05 PM.png (653×916 px, 68 KB)

after page resize:
Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 12.59.53 PM.png (541×1 px, 130 KB)

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I mean, it's not entirely empty area -- it's where the preview goes.

pasted_file (659×917 px, 65 KB)

pasted_file (421×915 px, 51 KB)

That said, yeah, if we have to choose between losing the preview and losing the actual input field, the former would better. Though collapsing the reference pane would also be a good choice.

It does have a scrollbar (on the right in @Ryasmeen's image (@DLynch do you have the latest version checked out?)) - but yes the input should be visible. Could automatically scroll down to the input, and/or collapse the symbol menu?

I have a Mac -- invisible scrollbars everywhere.

I'd say collapse the symbol menu. Being able to see the input and the preview simultaneously seems more important.

Change 283128 had a related patch set uploaded (by Tchanders):
Make short mode for the math dialog

Change 283128 merged by jenkins-bot:
Make short mode for the math dialog