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Pasting a list of interwiki links resulted in plain text
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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Make a list of interwiki (not interlanguage) links and save the page: These links are in the form [[w:am:|Amharic]], and if you click them, then you will end up at the Main Page for the specified Wikipedia (e.g.,ዋናው_ገጽ for the Amharic Wikipedia).
  1. Copy those links.
  1. Open VisualEditor on a different page, and paste those links.

Actual result: Plain text, rather than the links, was pasted into the page.

Expected result: The links would be pasted into the page.

Priority: I had to use the wikitext editor as a workaround.

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If the pasted text is over a certain length (ISTR it's 80 characters) we don't try to parse it as wikitext, but just paste it as plain text, to avoid performance issues with people's machines. Does it work if you copy just a single one?

matmarex subscribed.

This seems to work correctly these days, as long as you're editing on a wiki that allows parsing external links (currently mediawikiwiki, metawiki and officewiki).