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Be able to enable VisualEditor for a single page (rather than just namespaces)
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For Italian wikipedia, VisualEditor is active only in main and user namespaces.
The sandbox for new users is located at Wikipedia:Pagina delle prove in the Wikipedia namespace where VisualEditor is not active.
A WYSIWYG editor can be very useful for new users.

The solution to move the sandbox page in User namespace (like in English Wikipedia) is not the best way to solve this problem.
Maybe can be create a magic word for "activate VisualEditor for a single page" (instead of entire namespace), or at least making operable a link like this:


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@Beta16: Is this a request to change the configuration on Italian Wikipedia, or is this a request for new functionality in the VisualEditor codebase?

The request here is to enable VisualEditor for one specific page in a namespace which currently does not allow VisualEditor in Italian Wikipedia.

JEumerus has summarized perfectly the request.

For the documentation that I have found about the extension, this is not possible with only a site configuration change.
So, this is a request for a new functionality, that can be useful also for other project.

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veaction=edit links work now (T221892).