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<references /> list without any <ref> items should trigger a warning
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When having <references /> or <references group="foo" /> on page where there is no <ref> or <ref group="foo">, it silently ignores the <references /> tag, while it should trigger and display an error like "Missing <ref> tag for <references />" or "Missing <ref> tag in group "foo" for <references group="foo" />".

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Are you sure this is a regression? This sounds like a sensible feature request, but I'm afraid it has always been this way.

It used to be this way two years ago as you can read in the linked task.

Hmm, that seems different, though? That is about <ref> without <references>. This is about <references> without <ref>. (Or should I read the tasks more closely?)

To have reference list inserted automatically = to have <ref> without
<references />. Previously there was a warning and no category (which could
be hacked though), now there is neither. I have linked the task because I'm
not sure about merging them.

It also seems to me that the linked task is the opposite configuration of missing code.

This is about when you have <references /> present in page wikitext, but don't have any <ref> there (aka the references list is empty).

OTOH I am also pretty sure that this is a regression as I wrote in my original description.

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