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TemplateData display table should not be sortable when there's zero or one parameter
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When <templatedata> element is shown on template documentation page, the table for params is always sortable.

That looks ridiculous if only one parameter is present.


rETDA /TemplateDataBlob.php #L696

Add sortable class if and only if count( (array)$data->params ) > 1

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I really don't think it's that bad

I really don't think it's that bad

But I do, and I received complaints.

Even worse:

If a template does not expect any parameters, but provides a description of the purpose, you end up in a meaningless table which has sortable head cells but only one spread out line which tells you that no parameters were supplied.

However, params must not be omitted since that produces an invalid JSON block.

Please convince me:

  • How and why should I sort one or zero parameters?
  • How is the definition of templates expected with no parameters but telling me its purpose?
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