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Improve CSV output format for
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I'm happy to ditch GitHub issues and go with phab altogether. Could we create our own phab project dedicated to pageviews?

@kaldari I've just pushed a bunch of changes to application.js which is where you will be working. Mainly I've just added comments for every function, so hopefully you'll be able to make more sense of what's going on. If you already got started on this task I am sorry! Still won't be a difficult conflict to resolve. I believe the exportCSV function itself is more or less unchanged.

I also removed the jest tests. I'm done with those. They are such a pain to work with. What we really need is integration/automated tests anyway, not unit tests, as this is largely an interactive app. I'll look into some lightweight solutions.

Many thanks for your offer to help :)

@MusikAnimal: Senenium tests might work well for this.

That's what I was thinking. We'll need some Node-oriented framework on top of it so it can be ran cross-platform and be included in the continuous integration build. A quick web search shows Nightwatch might be a good solution, and has support for Grunt. I can give this a spin and see if it's worthwhile.

@MusikAnimal: Do you think the CSV output should use the date format associated with the browser language, or should it always use ISO 8601 date format (YYYY-MM-DD)? I'm inclined to use ISO 8601 since I imagine whatever they are importing the data into may not support esoteric regional date formats.

@kaldari Good question! With that last push I actually changed it to use the i18n version, but maybe that wasn't such a great idea. I don't really work with Excel and spreadsheets very much so not really sure, but I tend to agree with you that a universal format is probably better.

Looks good! I've merged and deployed. Thanks :)