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Templates and their parameters from Wikidata
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Links targets in ContentTranslation are automatically translated using Wikidata. Why templates not? And also their parameters could be translated if we create properties/property maps for parameter alternatives in different languages.

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This would be great; one of the greatest improvements for the ContentTranslation experience. However, the real blockers here are not so much in ContentTranslation itself, but in creating these property maps and in adapting Wikidata-based templates widely accross projects. Once that is done, ContentTranslation itself should otherwise be able to do it.

There is, however, this issue: T104005: ContentTranslation should auto-adapt templates that don't have parameters and have a directly corresponding template in the target language; there are a few related ones, but in principle, ContentTranslation will be able to handle Wikidata-based templates once they are adapted enough.

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This was done in

Tempalate parameters are taken from mapping in CX or tempatedata definition as per

More improvements to this is in discusion.