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Deprecate the Firefox OS app
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Now that Firefox OS is dead and no new phones running it are expected, it's time to stop supporting it. I therefore propose to decide the dates of:

  • End of support
  • Removal from Firefox Marketplace
  • Undeployment

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Who is currently supporting that mobile application in Wikimedia?
Who to act/decide on this task?

Who is currently supporting that mobile application in Wikimedia?

It's owned by Zero team, which currently has no engineers to work on it (or any other technical task).

Who to act/decide on this task?

@DFoy I guess.

For the reference, the whole December 2016 the app was requested 897 times, that's several times less than the daily rate 1.5 years ago.

I agree this needs to be done. I will discuss with the team and get confirmatinon/dates.

@DFoy: Any timeframe for that discussion?

Anything left on this or should we just close out the remaining tasks as invalid/stalled/something?

Nothing is left on this. Please close out any remaining tasks.

brion claimed this task.

Closing out tasks now...

What would be needed to make this app work again? How much effort is involved? Can existing code be reused?

Firefox OS is a dead platform, we don't want to maintain this app anymore.

Where would one find the source for this app?

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-releng) [2023-09-21T09:25:23Z] <hashar> gerrit: mark apps/firefox and apps/firefox/wikipedia read-only and archived # T132973