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Make Refreshed skin less specific to Brickimedia
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The Refreshed skin should be less brickimedia specific so other wikis don't have to download unnecessary files they're not going to use (files should only be there if they're going to be used globally otherwise local files should be on our own local site), this means:

  • Logo images on wiki instead of in repo: T142156
  • Custom font on wiki instead of in repo: T142157
  • Remove the .png wordmark fallbacks since we're officially not supporting IE 8 anymore. Also helps with performance since loading less files that aren't being used
  • Requires some rewriting of Refreshed header component
  • Since this breaks directory paths, this should be counted as a major patch instead of a minor patch. So instead of 3.1.1, this should be included in 4.1.1 and should be reflected on the Refreshed.php file ( Note: I found a good way of versioning that I like in of these comments at )
  • Reflect these changes on mw docs

Original comments and issue at Github:

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I agree that there's basically no reason why Brickimedia-specific wordmarks are bundled with Refreshed (other than historical reasons, that is). The bigger question, of course, is that where should we put them and when; caching needs to be taken into account so we can't just drop 'em right away. (Granted, it doesn't save much disk space, but still.)

For ShoutWiki (our T89) a more pressing concern is the header element. I'd really like to get rid of $wgRefreshedHeader altogether or at least provide an on-wiki way of configuring it (which can be hidden behind a global if necessary). We want to give the users more control over the way how their wiki looks like, and that's not what's happening here if and when they'd need to file a support ticket (Special:Contact) for each and every change request. The feature itself is nevertheless nifty and simply axing it would be the easy but dirty way out, which I don't want us to take.

We can host the brickimedia logos on instead of mw-skin-Refreshed/Refreshed/images. As for $wgRefreshedHeader, we can replace it with an on-wiki MediaWiki:Refreshed-wiki-dropdown.


* wiki name, serves as alt
** wiki logo URL
** wiki link URL


* Meta
** <meta logo>
* Brickipedia
** <brickipedia logo>
* Customs
** <customs logo

Updating the above comment, forgot about the mobileimg array key introduced sometime in Refreshed 3.x ( - Here's the new version with somewhat different syntax (also more explanation on how it'd work) down below. Also actually meant, not, oops. :P


The first super-bullet (*) is the first wiki that appears, the rest of the super-bullets are served in the dropdown menu. The alt mentioned is the alt attribute in the img element.

* wiki name, serves as alt
** wiki link URL
** wiki logo URL
** mobile wiki logo URL

Change 302417 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jack Phoenix):
Allow the dropdown menu to be configured onwiki instead of in LocalSettings.php

Change 302417 merged by Jack Phoenix:
Allow the dropdown menu to be configured onwiki instead of in LocalSettings.php